Friday, January 1, 2010

I almost missed New Year's!!

I hope everyone had an awesome New Year's Last night. I had a great time, but almost missed it!!
Unfortunately I was in the hospital until 6:00 last night. Sadly, I was admitted into the hospital Wednesday thinking I was having major problems with my colon only to find out my colon was fine, but that I had an huge 9 x 12 mm kidney stone blocking my left kidney and several littler ones as well. I am in a lot of pain and heavily doped up on morphine, but I got to come home for our New Year's Eve party and didn't miss the fireworks we shot off!! It was so awesome!! Aliyah, my 13 yo daughter, made some of the best food!! I am so proud of her!! Now I have to wait until the 11th for the machine needed to go in and break up the stone. Hatefully, the 11th is my first day back to school also. Totally Sucks, but I have faith things will work themselves out!! or at least I pray they do!! Oh and on the 4th, I am having 2 wisdom teeth surgically removed. Talk about my life totally sucking right now!! LOL What a way to bring in the new year!! But hey it can only go up from here!!!! LMAO

Here are some pics from last night's party.....

One of the fountain fireworks we set off

The peacock fruit arrangment my daughter Aliyah made

My BFF Rachel and myself

My wonderful husband and myself

All the youngin's (top left to right)
Alex, William, Nathan, Brianna, Brittany, Samatha

My daughter Aliyah, her BFF Haylee, and their friend Shane

My stomach is so swollen from the kidney stones that it looked just like our 4 month pregnant friend Christy. I have gained 15lbs in 11 days, because of these kidney stones.

Christy and myself with her true love Ricky being goofy in the back

One of my daughter's BFF and long time friend Desi and myself

My girls Aliyah, Haylee, and Desi

Friends Suzy and Christy

Another pic and of hubby and I

My long time friends Jason and Z. Unfortunately, Z was very sick. So they had to go home before midnight.

The men John, Ricky, Curt, and Tim

The teenagers of the party. (left to right)
Aliyah, Haylee, Shane, Desi, and Vicky

My BFF Rachel helping my daughter Brianna shoot her first firework, a roman candle

Anther pic of my BFF Rachel and myself

The kids plus one big kid Suzy eating the gingerbread lighthouse

And last but not least, my youngest right before she fell asleep at 3:00 in the morning

We had such an awesome time. I was hurting quite a bit, but I am so happy I was able to be home with my friends and family to bring in the New Year.
Here is to everyone having a beautifully blessed year in 2010!!


  1. Oh Michelle
    It doesn't sound like your new year is starting out too well:-( you poor thing with the kidney stones YUK! Hopefully you will be all better when they get to busting those stones up:-) Hang in there you are also better off without the wisdom teeth! I had mine out when I was around 22 and I'm glad I did! This is probably all a sign that you will have a great year after your bumpy start:-)
    Michele S

  2. Michelle, I wish you all the best. Take care and be sure to rest. It is the most important ingredient for a prompt recovery.

    I just love your blog and all your beautiful projects.



  3. Happy New Year, my friend! What a way to start! I hope you are doing better! Thinking of you, saying prayers for your health, and hoping to get to see you sometime soon! {{hugs}}