Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dustin Pike's 1 Day Only Supermega Sale!!

Hey everyone,

Today Dustin Pike is haveing a HUGE SUPERMEGA SALE!!

He is selling 135 of his retired images for $25.00. All of them for $25.00!!!
And he is selling 205 new images for $25.00. All new images for $25.00!!
But it is only for today!!

Unfortunately, I have been out with a migraine for 6 days and was unable to make cards, but I have several images colored. I thought I would scan the images and post them so you can at least see a sample of the new images.

You can go to Dustin's Blog and link from there to the images or you can go directly to Dustin Doodle Dragon Studio to purchase them. Hurry!! Don't miss out on this 1 day only chance for lots of adorable Dustin Pike images!!!
Of course, as I put them to cards, I will post them for you to see, but I at least wanted you to see the images on the day of the sale!!
I do have one card that I made for the Digital Tuesday Challenge that uses one of the new images. I will post it in a little while, but for now here are the scanned images.

What do y'all think?

Hurry NOW to get these adorable images!!!


  1. These are ADORABLE!! I LOVE them!

  2. adorable........ which did the gingerbread come on the old or new.....I can't afford both.

  3. gorgeous work Michelle!AliM (australia)

  4. Love your colorings. I got both kits and love them all. Haven't had time to color any. Thanks for the ideas. Nancy (Michigan)

  5. Awesome.. to bad I am a few weeks late & A few dollars short. lol
    Hope u get help with your migraines.. they wreak havoc.. I know.
    I too am a chronic sufferer.. I take Zomig but it doesn't work miracles! :{
    Feel better

  6. wow...gorgeous projects!!! I just love those all images. I love the way you colored those images.. I really appreciates your great work. Thanks for this nice post.