Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Y'all are not going to believe this.

First, I have to tell you the story behind this.

Two weeks ago, my mom came down to help me go shopping for things to decorate my new home. We found a lot of beautiful things. One of the things we got accomplished was finding the pieces to set up my dining room table. First we found the glasses and we went from there to find plates, place mats, napkins, and napkin holders. Once we had all that, we went to Hobby Lobby to pick out flowers for the center piece and talk to a florist to make it for me. Heather, the florist, was great at helping us pick things out and at telling me how she was going to make the arrangement. This was on a Wed. She convinced me to wait for her to make it until the Sunday ads came out because she was sure the stem flowers were going to be 50% off. So I did. She said she would make it on Monday and I could pick it up on Tuesday. My mom gave me the money to pay for it saying it was my birthday present from her and every time I looked at it, I would think of her. I wasn't able to pick it up until Thursday. When I went in to pick it up, it wasn't done. Then for a week, I got the run around. Heather was never there. Well, come to find out, she had not come back to work since I had made the order with her and she had been fired. Yesterday, the manager told me he would have his asst. manager make my arrangement. He would have her call me today to find out what I wanted. Well, I didn't hear from her so I chose to go to HL to find out for myself what was going on. Here is where the craziness starts. First, come to find out, the asst manager doesn't know how to make arrangements. They said I was gonna have to make it myself. Now mind you, I have never done anything like this before!! I was totally freaking out. Second, they could find the flowers Heather had put aside for me. Now I was really freaking out!! I couldn't remember all of what my mom and I had picked out. I couldn't find anything. Then miraculously under the florist counter in the back were my flowers!!!!! Well, for the next 2 hours, I put together my arrangement. The manager gave me run of the store. People thought I worked there. They would ask me where things were and I actually knew where to tell them to go. Everyone would come by and check on my progress saying I was doing great. When I was done, I was totally beaming from what I had created and I wow'd the manager so much, he offered me a job!! I kindly turned him down saying I wouldn't want to do this all the time I am a stamper by trade. I couldn't believe I actually had made my arrangement!! My mom is going to be so proud of me. To top it off, I only paid $70 for it!! The manager told me retail for an arrangement like I had made would have been close to $300.00. At that time, I was glowing from the inside out head to toe!! Again, I have never attempted anything like this!! Below is a pic of my proud creation!!

What do y'all think?


  1. It's beautiful, Michelle! Amazing! I'm so glad they found your flowers and that you had such a great time! What a fabulous arrangement!

  2. That is GORGEOUS! I love the colors. Are you sure it was the first time you had done that? Great job!