Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey everyone!! I'm BACK!!!

I am back!! I had an awesome time in Disney!! It was great seeing my friend whom I haven't see in almost 20 years and it was wonderful to see my sister and her family too!! I am, of course exhausted!! Hopefully in the next week, I will be able to get caught up on all my DT's. I colored several images while I was in Orlando and plan to put them to cards, but there are many, many new images I just got to download that I will be working on too!!

This is my High School BFF, Shannon, with my husband, John, and myself.

This is me and my beautiful sister!!

From left to right, this is my oldest daughter, Aliyah, my oldest nephew, Brandon, our nieghbor's daughter and one of Aliyah's BFFs, Desiree, and Aliyah's all time BFF, Heidi.

This is my sister, Regina, with her husband David and their youngest son, Rylan.

This is Paola, our nanny, with Brianna, my youngest.

My daughter, Aliyah and my nephew, Brandon.

This is my youngest daughter, Brianna, and my youngest nephew, Rylan

And this is ME 40 lbs LIGHTER!!! I actually got to where a two piece!! I still have another 20lbs to go!! I hope to have it off by August!!!

So, did I miss anything while I was gone? I have lots of catching up to do!!

I will start posting cards tomorrow and will be working on getting my coloring tutorial together. I hope to be able to have it posted by the end of the week!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT week!! I know I did!!

Have an awesome day!!



  1. Looks like you had TONS of fun :0)
    You are looking GOOD too ...way to go on the 40 lbs... 2 thumbs up.

    You have a wonderful family and also firends.
    Where is your nanny from ????
    Is she an exchange student??

    HUGS Ri

  2. Great pics michelle!! and you and your family look awesome!!! what a fun group! and good looking one too I might add! You go girl!! I've been SOOOOOOOOOOO wanting to get into shape. But, how do you exercise when you have no motivation to??!! lol anyhoo..thanks for sharing!